What you should know about fanSlave !


As explained in this blog, fanSalve is a great source of income without a lot of work, you get paid to like pages on Facebook, to follow people on Twitter to join on Google+, to see videos on Youtube and even works as PTC where you earn money to visit sites.
But let us now focus our attention on the Facebook section, that's gives more money. If we look at several forums that debate about this, a lot of people complain there is no "Likes" or at least, no longer appear many than, when started work with fanSlave.

The explanation is simple. The process is always composed by three entities:

1 - Who wants to have "Likes" on their facebook fan page (the entitie who pays)

2 - The fanSlave, is who provides the structure for the transaction to take place (take a commission)

3 - Who gets the money to "Like"  pages of the first one.

But if one day or another, the number of people or companies that pay for to be liked is lower than the demand from people who want to be paid like it, "Likes" are not there waiting for us, we must have  "hunt".
Many click "hunters" dont like this, because it causes lose of time searching them, however, compared to all PTC sites available on market fanSlave gives you more money.

- When starting the fanSlave, in the early days, the pages to "Like" are available and then no longer, it is a  fanSlave trick?

- NO, this is not a trick. Let's see, the big brands (Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike, Samsung, Mercedes, Audi, Nokia etc, etc, etc ....) always have large amounts of money invested in fanSlave, what happens that each person can only do one "Like" for page. Once,you like a certain page, it will not reappear. Now comes the most important part! ...

Who pays for that like your page you will find filters to select whoever they like your page (see example below), this factor is crucial to have at your disposal to "Like" more pages and higher value ( example: 15 credits per page = 7 Euro cents). this is very, very, very good, there is no PTC on market to pay this amount.

Keep in mind the following points and can earn more money and more easily:

1 - You can not change your gender on the Facebook profile, but it can be crucial to have more or less "Likes" available. If bidder wants only men to like their page, and Facebook profile sex: (female) this page will not appear.

2 - Your Facebook profile in age, also can be decisive to have more or less "Likes" available. If bidder wants all people to have a certain age, if your age does not meet this criterion, this page will not appear.

3 - Your Facebook account is verified ?, This is another filter that also contributes to the pages appear or not. To check your Facebook account you must associate a mobile phone and proceed to check.

4 - The age Facebook account.

5 - The number of Friends, this filter is very important! Values ​​can be 5, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500, check the number of your friends, if you have 500 or more this filter does not apply to you.

6 - Finally its geographic location and language,  a selection of multiple countries and languages ​​also filter the presentation of pages.

In conclusion:
Filters allow the bidder having "Likes" with more quality, and complying with its requirements. As certain parameters you can not (should not) change, such as country, age, sex .. We should pay special attention to others, such as checking the Facebook account and the number of friends (more friends is better! ... at least 500)

If you have not registered in fanSlave > click here < please register for free and start making money.

Example of fanSlave filters for "Likes" on Facebook Fan pages
Settings for the URL: http://www.facebook.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fans / day:  0 = unlimited
max. number of fans:  0 = unlimited
Age from:  to 
only verified user: 
min. number of friends: 
age of facebook-account: 
Ad Design: 
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