TUTORIAL - Fansalve

1. Sign up : click here to JOIN NOW 

2. Connect to your facebook account,you will have initial bonus credit of 0.25 Euros from this web . 

3. Use Ctrl+Click on each fan buttons, because if you open fan pages in the same tab then all the like pages gets refreshed it takes some time to reappear those fan pages.


4 .Like the fan page in your facebook account.

5. Click on update button which is present just benieth of your amount.

6. After clicking on update button,it will redirect you to Facebook account. this web client application checks weather all likes are proper or not. then it will ask you to close it.

7. Your account gets refreshed automatically, else you do it manually. Money will get updated..

Important note:

To ensure earn half a dollar or more per day you enter the site several times a day !... 

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